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Elizabeth Taylor photographed by J.R. Eyerman, 1949.
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I am no longer Tris, the selfless, or Tris, the brave.  I suppose that now, I must become more than either.

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How desperate are you that you call on such lost creatures to defend you?

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Disneys Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- scenery

November 30th
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Tess, Tess, Tessa. 

Was there ever a more beautiful sound than your name? To speak it aloud makes my heart ring like a bell. Strange to imagine that, isn’t it – a heart ringing – but when you touch me that is what it is like: as if my heart is ringing in my chest and the sound shivers down my veins and splinters my bones with joy.

Why have I written these words in this book? Because of you. You taught me to love this book where I had scorned it. When I read it for the second time, with an open mind and heart, I felt the most complete despair and envy of Sydney Carton. Yes, Sydney, for even if he had no hope that the woman he loved would love him, at least he could tell her of his love. At least he could do something to prove his passion, even if that thing was to die.

I would have chosen death for a chance to tell you the truth, Tessa, if I could have been assured that death would be my own. And that is why I envied Sydney, for he was free.

And now at last I am free, and I can finally tell you, without fear of danger to you, all that I feel in my heart.

You are not the last dream of my soul.

You are the first dream, the only dream I ever was unable to stop myself from dreaming. You are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream I hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.

With hope at least,
Will Herondale

aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! will herondale why aren’t you real???

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why don’t they have big hyped up award shows for books

i mean

best male/female character

best antagonist

best plot development

best plot twist

come on

#book you threw across the room the hardest

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